Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.


"I discussed my intended uses for the KeyCarbon hardware with tech support and the tech person suggested a few alternative ways I could solve my problem.  This tech person thought about it further on his own time and a few days later he emailed me with some further solutions.  Then, entirely beyond the call of duty, he scoured the web to locate an entirely novel solution using an ingenious bit of hardware.  I, with thirty plus years in IT, had never heard of anything like this. This tech support guy has to have the most flexible and agile mind.  The solution he came up with is positively brilliant; it wholly solves the dichotomies of having to deal with confidential client information in public places without compromising the client's interests or running afoul of the strict ethical obligations of the legal profession.  I am so impressed were I still writing IT reviews for California Lawyer, the journal of the State Bar of California, or for the ABA Journal, the organ of the American Bar Association, I would not hesitate to make this a feature article along with the variety of ways the KeyCarbon key stroke recorder solves half a dozen difficult problems specific to the practice of law.  I am really impressed with this level of support." - IT Staff Member, California State University, Dominguez Hills (name/email address not published because this is a popular website).

"Great Product, Professional Company, and Excellent Support! The KeyCarbon USB fit wonderfully into my requirements. After using the product, I sought a few minor software customizations. The technical support team was very kind and prompt, and was able to assist with a custom implementation rapidly and at a very reasonable cost. Thank you!" - Bill, FL (name/email address not published because this is a popular website).

KeyCarbon Building

“ ... this is a powerful, sturdy unit quite capable of any home-user's demands. ” - Karl, KIWIreviews.

“ I can't tell you how many articles I have lost over the years when Windows flakes out. ” - Shane McGlaun, About Computer Peripherals,

“ ... Unlike software-based keyloggers, the device can be easily removed and a record of the keystrokes can be retrieved from any computer .... ” - Ruben Schewarz, Dominion Post Newspaper, 30th January 2006.

“ ... you'll find this an astoundingly easy to use unit. ” - Karl, KIWIreviews.

“ Keyloggers record every keystroke on a computer. Software keyloggers should be avoided unless theyre a trusted brand ... ” - Ruben Schewarz, Dominion Post Newspaper, 18th February 2006.

“ As a budding author, I spend a lot of time on my PC. My latest novel is coming along nicely. Recently, my Windows machine crashed - I lost over 2 weeks of work. I do backup to a thumb drive occasionally, but I wanted a more frequent backup. Something that records what I type, as I type it. Something that records every keystroke that I add to my novel.

Your device fitted the bill perfectly. Having one of your KeyPhantom devices on my machine calms me down - I had the best nights sleep last night, knowing that the gist of my novel is safe and secure.

Thankyou for making my job easier!

Linda ” - Linda Robinson (email address not published because this is a popular website)

“ Overall, this was quite an impressive unit. Like all powerful tools we human's build, it can be used for positive or negative effect... There is a fine line between 'checking for potential trouble' and 'outright spying'... ” - Karl, KIWIreviews.

“ As a father with four beautiful daughters, naturally I am interested in seeing them do well. After seeing a documentary on TV about the potential dangers of internet chatrooms, I decided to purchase one of your units. At least until they turn sixteen and can start to think for themselves. The unit arrived 3 weeks ago, I plugged it in and forgot about it.

I looked at 3 weeks of recorded typing for the first time today.

To my dismay, I discovered that Johanna has been roped into meeting a man who turns out to be a lot older. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for helping to avert a potential disaster!

Robert” - Robert (full name and email address were not published because this is a popular website).

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