Record Typing on any Keyboard with Tiny Device.

Keystroke Recorders for USB keyboards ("KeyCarbon USB")

USB keystroke recorder or logger      

The KeyCarbon USB device records all typing on a USB keyboard. It acts as a keylogger to monitor all keystrokes that are typed.

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Do you want to record typing on your keyboard? Do you want a keylogger for your USB keyboard? The "KeyCarbon USB" will record all of the keys typed on your keyboard. Just plug it in, and it starts to record every keystroke typed.

Key Features

  • Tiny device records USB keystrokes at a hardware level.
  • Software free - plug and record.
  • Installs in seconds.
  • Installs even if the computer is switched off.
  • Record everything typed - protect yourself from data loss.

System Requirements

  • PC/Mac computer with a USB keyboard, running any operating system including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, DOS, OS/2, FreeBSD, Chrome OS or Solaris.

Choosing a Keylogger

With more storage capacity than a large novel, you can can rely on KeyCarbon USB products to protect your data from loss or corruption.

As the worlds first full-speed USB keylogger, the KeyCarbon USB breaks new ground in ease of use, storage capacity, and compatibility.

This device is in use in many Fortune 500 companies, accountancy firms, and US government agencies.

This keylogger only works with USB keyboards, and does not work with PS/2 keyboards. See the Wiki for the differences between USB and PS/2 keyboards.

Photo Gallery

The photo below shows the KeyCarbon USB series with the default black "skin".

Figure 1 - Unit with a BLACK "skin" fitted (these "skins" can easily be swapped by the user)

The photo below shows the KeyCarbon USB series after the supplied white "skin" has been fitted to the unit. Most Macintosh users prefer a white unit. The spare shells can easily be swapped in about 30 seconds, by levering the black shells off with finger pressure, and fitting the supplied white shells.

Figure 2 - Same unit with a WHITE "skin" fitted (a spare white "skin" is supplied with each unit).

The photo below shows the electronics inside the KeyCarbon USB series. You can see in the image below that the "skins" pull apart with finger pressure, and can easily be swapped by the user to change the units colour.

Installation Diagram

USB Keylogger Comparison

KeyCarbon products work on every keyboard, as they use an expensive FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array). Currently, all other other brands of USB keyloggers use cheaper hardware, and thus do not work on some keyboards.

USB Keylogger Comparison
Brand Problem? Reason? Rating?

Brand "KeyCarbon" is compatible with all known USB keyboards (a tiny proportion of future keyboards may require a firmware upgrade which can be downloaded from the internet).

KeyCarbon uses an expensive FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) chip to interpret USB traffic. This solution works well on all known keyboards. KeyCarbon is firmware upgradable so your unit can be upgraded by downloading an upgrade from the internet. Comes supplied with both black and white skins (for PC and Macintosh users). 100%
Brand A. Brand "A" does not work if a USB flash drive or any other non-keyboard peripheral is plugged into the USB keyboard. Does not work with certain Logitech wireless keyboards. Does not work on high end Macintosh keyboards. Units are not made in the USA, and are shipped from a warehouse in the country of New Zealand. Brand A uses a USB host/slave chip. This method does not work if any additional devices are plugged into the keyboard. If non-keyboard traffic is detected, it will overload the chip making the keyboard cease to work or behave erratically. Comes in black only, no option for white (ie: not suitable for Macintosh users). 90%
Brand B.

Brand "B" does not work on some USB keyboards (it is difficult to tell in advance with whether it will work or not).

Brand B uses a barrel shift chip (1/100th of the cost of a FPGA chip and 5% of the processing power). This method does not work on some keyboards. Has no USB hub chip. 80%
Brand C Currently there are no other known brands on the market - email support if this changes and we will update this comparison. - -

* Table last verified on 29th of January, 2018 against competitors hardware revision numbers. Information originally provided from PC Reviews and verified independently.

Product Review: Awesec

To read an product review, see the independent Awesec product review.

Start of review: "The packaging consists of a plastic jacket, similar to DVD-packaging, which is sealed. Included is not only the hardware keylogger but also a short reference for quickstart and a white case, which can be exchanged with the black one". Read more.

Product Review: Whats My Pass?

To read another product review, see the independent product review.

"I had a chance to review the Keycarbon USB Home Mini this week. I’ve been wanting to try one of these to see how they would compare to a PS/2 keyboard logger, PS/2 is still pretty popular as far as cheaper keyboards but the shift in is going more towards USB keyboards. I was pretty impressed by the quality of the keylogger and its installation ...". Read more.


“ ... you'll find this an astoundingly easy to use unit. ” - Karl, KIWIreviews.

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"Great Product, Professional Company, and Excellent Support! The KeyCarbon USB fit wonderfully into my requirements. After using the product, I sought a few minor software customizations. The technical support team was very kind and prompt, and was able to assist with a custom implementation rapidly and at a very reasonable cost. Thank you!" - Bill, FL (email address and full name not published as this is a popular website).

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Why Choose KeyCarbon?

KeyCarbon units have a money back guarantee. No questions asked - if you're not satisfied with the product, for any reason, you can return the product for a refund. We offer this guarantee, as our sales increase by 20%, but returns are only 2% to 3% of sales.

The KeyCarbon USB is supplied with detachable black and white skins, for use both PC's and Macintosh computers. The skins can be easily swapped in about 30 seconds by changing the shells using finger pressure.

KeyCarbon provides unlimited lifetime technical support to customers via email or phone. We can offer unlimited technical support, as 95% of our customers never need to call or email - the products themselves are documented, intuitive, and easy to use. Other manufactuers do not provide technical support via phone.

KeyCarbon keyloggers are the most technologically advanced in the world. We were the first on the market. Keyloggers from KeyCarbon work on 100% of keyboards, worldwide. Another competing brand of USB keylogger misses 22% of keystrokes on certain keyboards, as they are using older, cheaper and inferior technology.

KeyCarbon units are compatible with all future keyboards. A small proportion of newer keyboards use non-standard ways to transmit keystrokes. If a new brand of keyboard does not work, you can easily upgrade your KeyCarbon USB unit by downloading a Windows utility from our webpage. No other manufacturer offers this - your unit will simply cease to work as newer keyboards are released in the future. If you request support for a particular keyboard, we guarantee to release support for that keyboard in the next firmware upgrade.

KeyCarbon units are compatible with any keyboard layout and language. Other manufacturers of USB keyloggers only support the US english layout. The "KeyCarbon USB Rapid Download" utility support 120 languages and keyboard layouts, including Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, German, etc.

KeyCarbon units have a delivery failure guarantee. If your unit does not arrive, we will simply send out another one, free of charge. We can offer this guarantee because FedEx is so reliable that we never have misdelivered packages.

KeyCarbon units are ultra reliable. We have a six sigma quality control procedure to guarantee that the units that arrive at your door will work flawlessly, for decades to come.


Product Name Product Code / Case Colour / Case Style Capacity Encryption
Date/ time Case
KeyCarbon USB (3rd generation)
KeyCarbon USB Forensic KCU405, black/white (spare white skin included). 2048KB, approximately 2,000,000 keystrokes. 128-bit. Yes. Case is black. Comes with a SPARE DETACHABLE WHITE SKIN for Macintosh users.

View picture.
KeyCarbon USB Corporate KCU403, black/white (spare white skin included). 1576KB, approximately 1,500,000 keystrokes. 56-bit. No.
KeyCarbon USB Home KCU401, black/white (spare white skin included). 512KB, approximately 500,000 keystrokes. Basic. No.

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keycarbon money-back guarantee

Your device fitted the bill perfectly ... Thankyou for making my job easier! - Linda Robinson

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International Security Conference, New York, NY.

[After using the device] I can't tell you how many articles I have lost over the years when Windows flakes out. - Shane McGlaun, About Computer Peripherals,

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... Unlike software-based keyloggers, the device can be easily removed and a record of the keystrokes can be retrieved from any computer .... - Ruben Schewarz, Dominion Post Newspaper, 30th January 2006.

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